Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Page, AZ !

Hello Family and Friends!
I am doing so well! I am in Page, AZ. It is a really small town by Lake Powell. Most of the people in Page are Navajo because the reservation ("the rez") is so close. About half of our investigators are Navajo; they are so humble and awesome! I love them already!
My trainers are Sister May and Askren--yes, I am in a trio. I love it but it has its challenges too. We feel like the mafia showing up to someone's porch when we go tracting because it feels like there are so many of us but I know that we are blessed with the opportunity for 3 hearts to receive revelation for our investigators and others that we meet.
Funny story about my first door that I tracted-- the lady was not very nice at all and told me that she had her religion and I have mine. Then she shut the door quite angrily. BUT other than that I have had a lot of success with tracting so far. We have TTI-ed (teach/testify/invite) over 20 people since I have been here on Tuesday. We also have gotten 3 potential investigators from it, so it had been really good. I have come to love talking to strangers and inviting them to hear our message because it is so challenging but so fun! Each contact experience is so different, so it is a challenge to speak through the Spirit each time. Also, sometimes I can't find my words because I want to be speaking Portuguese! My English grammar is somewhat atrocious now, but the Lord uses the weak and simple to preach his word (D&C 1:23) so I know that I will be blessed even for trying. That is a huge lesson that I learned this week. All I need is the courage and love for God and his children to open my mouth and trust that it will be filled. A lot of the time I don't say the anything close to perfect but I know that most of the time the words don't matter.
Anyway, Portuguese is still on my brain even though I teach in English now. But my companions are learning Navajo in case they get called to serve on the rez. Most sisters don't serve actually on the rez because it isn't super safe, but since I am learning Portuguese they use that hour to learn Navajo and MAN is that language difficult!
Oh, back-up, I also love my mission president and his wife, President and Sister Batt. The mission home is beautiful and they fed us green chili pizza when we first got there- apparently green chiles are huge in New Mexico.
Also, we are working with a few progressing investigators who would totally get baptized but we can't set dates yet because they need to resolve some legal matters first. Being on a mission here has definitely opened my eyes to a lot things that's for sure. My prayer is that everything will workout for them if they continue to read the scriptures, pray, and come to church. (CPR-church, pray, read-restarts the soul!).
Well this email is super random and all over the place, but most of all I am SO HAPPY. Missionary work is challenging but the most rewarding work in the whole world! I love it! I am so close to Christ and the blessings of the companionship of the Holy Ghost are amazing. I am so humbled to be here doing the Lord's work. I promise that missionary work is worth it. It is work because it requires a lot of faith, preparation, and charity (pray for charity! it is a spiritual gift and it is amazing!) but the blessings are INCREDIBLE.
Also I LOVE the children in my wards here and the families of invesitgators. They are my best friends especially Seandriana, Myla, and Lexi. I will get pictures with them soon!

I love you all so much! God loves you! I pray for you everyday!
Tchau, Tchau,
Sister Bledsoe

The other Brazil district with left with us- Sisters hallmark, Ames, hansen, and lou!
 district with one of our teachers Irmao Mummy

I miss them so much! 

 Funny story- we saw the Sisters who were leaving our mission in New Mexico and going to Brazil because they just got their visas. It was awesome to see their excitement and sadness because they loved New Mexico so much.

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