Monday, November 18, 2013

So milagres!

Hey! Oi! Ya'a at' eeh! (Navajo for hello :))

So this week was bittersweet. Found out that Sister May is leaving us, but Sister Askren and I get to stay in Page and continue working with out investigators. A few of them are hopefully getting baptized soon if we can get them to come to church!
But this week, we had some really cool experiences. This one is the best though: 

We had an awesome lesson this week with Sylvia and Myron. Sylvia is an investigator and Myron is a less active member. Previously, we told them that they had to go to our ward instead of the Kaibeto ward, where Myron's dad is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. Myron was mad at us when we told him because he sees other people break the boundary rule, but we tried to testify to him. Anyway, when we met with him on Wednesday he apologized for getting mad at us and said that he had a dream this week where he saw someone who he swears was President Monson. Monson just stood there in his dream and gave him "a look." Apparently, Myron woke up and knew what the look was for; he said that it meant "take it easy on the missionaries." He then told us that he knows that he was wrong and was sorry for getting mad about that.
It was epic! I love Navajos! They have amazing dreams because of their heritage and faith. I am so grateful to see these miracles on a daily basis here. A couple of weeks ago, one of our other investigators had a dream where God told her to go to church, so she has been coming ever since with her 4 kids. After 3 hours of church, she tells us that she doesn't want to go home- I love her!
Also this week we taught seminary. It was cool! We also taught Relief Society yesterday. Seriously, every time someone needs a substitute they ask us- we have taught 3 times in the past month ;) It is a cool experience each time though; I love the members here! They are already talking about having us over to their houses for Thanksgiving- we have 2 dinners so far :):)
This week I also really came to an appreciation for member missionaries! Seriously, the work in Page or Brentwood or anywhere else would go SOOO much faster if the members worked with the missionaries more. More referrals, more lessons with investigators, more fellowshipping, etc. Members have so much influence and power. They really have the best success with finding people for the missionaries to teach!
Hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays! We are starting to decorate our apartment and listen to Christmas hymns!

I love you!!!! 
-Sister Bledsoe
also a member in the ward knitted me some gloves for christmas! I am using them already because its cold here
 also a member in the ward knitted me some gloves for christmas! I am using them already because its cold here

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