Saturday, March 29, 2014


Just got to the Brazil CTM! It is right in the middle of the city with buildings all around it. It is smaller than the Provo MTC and there is a lot of Portuguese! It has been good to actually start speaking again. People talk really, really fast so that will take some getting used to. Overall, I had a good flight to Sao Paulo and I really like my companion. Her name is Sister Ennis and she served in Knoxville, Tennesse for 7.5 months. There were like 40 or so missionaries that were visa waiters that arrived today. The longest that I have heard is one year to get the visa--that happened to two elders that I met. Well I got to go, but I love it here already and I will write again soon. I don't know when my p-day is yet, but we"ll find out soon. Love you! -Sister Bledsoe

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