Monday, April 21, 2014

Feliz Páscoa!

Hope you all enjoyed church yesterday! I loved Easter here. I didn`t understand too much of the words that were spoken but I felt the love from the people and especially from my Savior. I am grateful for this holiday and time to think about all the blessings that I have in my life because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I hope to be able to help others to come unto Christ and feel the light that the restored gospel brings.

This week we had 2 baptism--Gabi and Gabriel, a brother(12) and a sister(14). They are awesome! There mom is preparing to be baptized and there oldest sister and her husband are already members of the church. We have been teaching them pretty consistently since I got here and they just love the gospel and the church. Last night we talked to them about temples and how they can be sealed together forever. I am grateful to be able to help families to have these eternal blessings. It was really awesome because right after that lesson as we were on our way to another lesson, we contacted some great families. The first couple told us that they really like the church, they knew about the Book of Mormon(rare here), and had some friends that are members. They were really happy and nice, and we will hopefully teach them tonight. Then we were really in a hurry because we were meeting with a member of the Stake Presidency to teach his friend. We were already running behind but we passed a lady who looked really nice and smiled at us. We took like 4 steps before we turned around and invited her and her 8 year old son, James, to church. She said she would come and before we could tell her much more, she said, ``It`s at 9:30, right?`` That took us by surprise! She was way cool too, but she lives out of our area. Anyway, we ended up not even being able to meet with President Carrneiro´s friend last night because he wasn´t home. Heavenly Father knew that and put some super great people in our path instead. I was so happy that we followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost last night. It was a blessing because this week was pretty difficult since our street contacts weren´t too interested and a majority of the people that we tried to visit in their houses weren´t home. However, I know that patience and diligence brings blessings. 

Also this week we got to go to the Sao Paulo Temple. What a blessing! It was so awesome! So familiar even when everything is in another language. I am grateful that I can understand the language of the gospel. After the temple, we had lunch at a churrascaria(a barbaque restaurant like Tucanos), which was super good. 

I also learned a lot from a conversation that I had with Sister Dantas this week about a recent convert in our ward. His name is Renato. They contacted him on the street and he said that he would come to church, read the pamphlet and pray, and then get baptized--they thought he was super elect. Then they tried to visit his house twice but he wasn´t home. They thought he was `mole`(noncommital) until they got a call from him. He asked where the church was and what time the meetings were. He had read the pamphlet and wanted to learn more. Since then, he has faithfully kept every commitment that we have given him. My first lesson with him was a recent-convert lesson where we taught him about missionary work and commited him to invite a friend to hear the lessons. Within that week, we taught two of his friends. Sister Dantas thinks he would be a great ward mission leader because he is so obedient. I think I am beginning to understand this law of heaven. I am grateful for his example and the others examples of great obedience in my life. 

``The world`s greatest champion of woman and womanhood is Jesus the Christ.``--James E. Talmage
``In the sight of the Lord it is not so much what we have done or where we have been but much more where we are willing to go.`` --Elder Edward Dube

Love you! I am very happy and still least I´m trying to be--lots of chocolate yesterday here! :)
Sister Sadie Bledsoe
Me and Sister Ames (my friend from the Provo MTC). she is in my zone right now! fun to see a familiar face...especially an American one!

We love Gabriela and Gabriel!!! So happy for them!

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