Monday, May 12, 2014

bom de mais

Happy Mothers Day! Yesterday was awesome being able to see my family (minus Elissa). I am so grateful for my mom! I love you! 

This week was pretty interesting. I got to skype my family. I took my first trip to a Brazilian hospital--I might have had/still have parasite(s). I had a whole day of training in Santo Amaro with our 6 assistants(crazy that we have 6. I think its because we are getting a new mission president soon) and President Pinho. I found a bank and a post office so I sent some letters today! We had a pizza party with our BFF Bea, who is our 5 year old neighbor, and her brand new puppy Vivi. I ate chocolate pizza :) Other than that we are still looking for more houses and trying to find more investigators but we do have some investigators and new members that we are working with and they are progressing... kindof. We are trying to find more families to teach because lots of individuals want to ``hear the word`` but not many families yet. We also had a really cool ward activity on Saturday night where we played some games and we (the missionaries) were in charge of the spiritual thought. Elder Capunay (from Peru) had some cool object lessons about chocolate. First, he opened this huge chocolate bar and asked everyone how much they liked it(its a really delicious brand). They all wanted some. He ate a piece and then gave some to the other missionaries because it was easy because he knows us and knows that we like chocolate so no threat in sharing it. He didn´t know how to share the rest of the chocolate with the group/if he should so he decided just to keep it for himself. The second object lesson was like a scavenger hunt because we had previously hid chocolates all around the room. He made it clear that we are all on the same team and before they start they should think about the BEST way to find the chocolates. He let them search and some were successful, but a majority weren't found because they were in really hard places. In the end, he said that it would have been easier and faster if they had just asked us where the chocolates were because we are on the same team and we need to work together. It was cool and everyone ended up with chocolate! The chocolate here is like really good. 

some random thoughts;
-70% of the people that come to church will get baptized
-Faith is a principle of action. We have faith that medicine will help us get better when we are sick. However, if we dont use the medicine, then nothing happens.
-In 2013, the US had the most baptisms. Before it was always Mexico or Brazil. 
-simple steps to train members how to share the gospel: first, help them have the courage to open their mouth. second, they can 1. identify the dificulty that the person has 2. bear their testimony 3. invite them to church;
make plans to go with them to ask their friends to learn more about the church

te amo! --Sister Sadie Bledsoe

​Bea and Vivi


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