Monday, July 21, 2014


Bittersweet phonecall today-- I am getting transferred tomorrow. I will miss Jd. Campinas so much, but I am excited to meet new people wherever I am called next. 

This week of work was good. We had to drop a lot of investigators which was really hard, but there are still a few that will get baptized soon. Antonia wants to get married. Jennifer and Larissa are still coming to church and church activities. Renato is getting in contact with church employment to find a new job so he doesn´t have to work on Sundays. We are trying to teach families and really focus on the temple. We have been practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation and baptisms for our dead really effectively, and it has especially helped Renato and the family of Antonia/Gabi/Biel. I am grateful for President Dalton; he is really inspired! 
Yesterday a prospective elder gave his farewell talk and he said something I really liked. He was commenting on the talk by Elder Holland about the Atonement and Missionary Work, and he said, `´We often wonder why people don´t just walk into our church building wanting to get baptized? This is the truth!`` Then he talked about how it´s not supposed to be easy. He said, ``Our job is to open doors.`` People can choose to come in, but they won´t come without us inviting and following up. 

I don´t have much time this week but thanks for your love and support and prayers! 
Te amo!
Sister Sadie Bledsoe
fotos with our fan club--Bea and Camilla!

zona casa grande!

and Elder Wesley Silva who will be serving in the Georia Atlanta North mission where he will get to teach in Portuguese!

vai Brasil!

lockdown party. Brazil vs. Mexico day

favela yo

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