Monday, February 24, 2014


This week was the baptism of Audra Chidester. She is 9 and since she is autistic she can't speak but can communicate in other ways. She wanted to get baptized so we have taught her for awhile. I love her so much! She is just so cute. Anyway, yesterday when she walked into the church she was wearing a beautiful white dress and she looked like an angel. She had to get dunked 4 times because her foot kept popping up, but it was still perfect. She was so happy. I love being able to see that happiness that comes from living the gospel; her spirit radiated and everyone could feel Heavenly Father's love. It was incredible. I have learned so much from her and it was beautiful to be able to share that day with her and her family. It was also really special because her family could feel her mom there--Audra's mom passed away this summer and Audra knew that she was there and very proud of her.

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we love audra!
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Also yesterday was probably one of the longest days of my life. I woke up at 4 am with the stomach flu. Still had to go to 5 hours of church because there was so much to do. I sit there and cried for about 5 hours. It was a very emotionally taxing day. Lots of tender mercies, broken hearts, blessings, answers to prayers, sorrow, etc. for both me and the people that I have come to love here. It will be really hard to leave them. Anyway, I definitely felt angels bear me up because I did not have the strength to do anything yesterday but somehow a lot of good was done. I am grateful for a great companion. Sister Hammond is very patient. She was an angel too.
So I am still really out of it so I have no idea what to write. I will try to respond to a few emails though... I swear I read all of them even though I usually don't have time to respond. If you write me a letter, I will probably respond though :)
Love you!
-Sister Sadie Bledsoe
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