Monday, February 10, 2014

Priesthood Power

HEY!!! So this week I found out that Sister Askren is leaving. She is being transferred to Red Mesa in New Mexico. Sad stuff. My new companion will be Sister Hammond. I am excited! Change is good; keeps things exciting especially on a mission.
First, last Monday, we had a fun p-day activity with the elders. We don't often hangout with them because we are the only sisters and apparently it's weird... lol. But they invited us to go over to a members house with them to watch Ephraim's Rescue (I love that movie! Such a powerful message about rescuing for missionaries/member missionaries. Sister Askren and I find Thomas Dobson to be quite quotable :)) and eat spagetti. It was fun. The elders are so funny. They are really close with the member whose house we were at. The members gave the elders a garage door opener for their house so they can use their house whenever...typical for these elders; everyone loves them. They are doing a great job. I have learned a ton from their examples.
On Tuesday, we went to Institute. Brother Lotze, the institute teacher, taught Alma 17-18. He mentioned a cool insight into ch 17 vs 23: And Ammon said untohim: Yea, desire to dwell among this people for time; yea, and perhaps until the day die." He said he hears most people say how much they hate Page and want to leave (funny because that's what most people say about Brentwood). He was saying that we should have the perspective of Ammon because he was willing to live amongst the Lamanites, people that originally hated him, because it was the Lord's will. Powerful "bloom where you are planted" moment for me. 

We also went to visit Crystal, an awesome 14 year old girl. Her mom told us that right before we came, she said a prayer that someone would come over for Crystal to talk to. Happy day that we could be an answer to a prayer/someone's tender mercy. I am grateful for the Spirit daily for that.
On Wednesday, we had a lesson with a new investigator at a member's house. He brought her to church once (the power of member missionary work is awesome.  the power of opening your mouth) and she felt very comfortable. After our lesson she said that she felt very comfortable. She also complimented us for answering her questions so completely in a way that made sense. She said that all of the other people she had ever asked about prayer could never give her an answer that sufficed her. She told us that we were "solid"...yes! mission accomplished. That's a solid compliment.
We also found out about a "sign car" driving around town that says in huge letters "What Mormons Dont"--maybe that will drum up some business for us ;)
On Thursday, we had zone training. One of our zone leaders goes home this week. He bore his testimony on the rejuvenating power of the Spirit. When we are tired, discouraged, fatigued in the work, we can demand a spiritual experience to renew/quicken us (D&C 84:33 and Romans 8:11). It was a powerful realization for me to make because I thought about all of the times that spiritual experiences have rejuvenated me determination to work hard. 

On Friday night I received a priesthood blessing from one of my ward mission leaders, Brother Prall. I wasn't expecting a very specific blessing because I was lacking faith, but right before the blessing I was thinking about Elder Holland's talk "Lord, I Believe." I knew that I had faith, maybe not enough to receive all the blessings that I needed, so I thought to myself: "Lord, I Believe. Help thou mine unbelief." Brother Prall then proceeded to give me one of the most powerful blessings that I have ever received. I think that it mostly meant a lot coming from him because I have had to work sooo hard for the past 5 months to earn his trust. He just barely told me that I was a good missionary and I think that he is beginning to trust us with the work. He has been a ward mission leader faithfully for 14 years. He knows what he is doing and I respect him a lot, so getting a blessing from him meant a ton. Anyway, in the blessing he mentioned that I will surprise people with my eloquence, even myself. Two days later in fast and testimony meeting, I received a prompting to go up and bear my testimony. Not many people bear their testimony in that ward, so I decided to get up and try to motivate this ward to overcome complacency and discouragement (a theme in most of the work here). I talked about the Holy Ghost and how spiritual experiences and tender mercies rejuvenate our spirits to continue in the work. I had a powerful feeling that the thoughts that I shared were not my own. I knew that I was a vessel for the Lord to use to help the ward to seek more. Then last night, Brother Prall told me that he was very impressed with my testimony and found my presentation to be authoritative. I almost cried because I have tried so hard to become a better missionary by following his counsel. This was the first time that he commended my efforts and it reassured me that hard work matters. I know that his counsel has helped me to be a more powerful missionary and I am grateful for his wisdom. I thought about a talk by Elder Christofferson who said, "Thank you, Mr. Gardner, for loving me enough to cut me down." By far, Brother Prall has helped me to become a better missionary more than anyone else. I am truly grateful for priesthood leaders. I have an increased testimony of the power of the priesthood and its affect in our daily lives. I realized that I need blessings of comfort and counsel more often; I just need to be more humble to ask.
Brother Prall also said that my full name is pretty. He said that my parents did a good job; his wife agreed. So props to mom and dad for the ingenuity in naming me ;) 

I am grateful for the tender mercies that I have experienced all throughout my mission. Recently, I read my journal from my whole mission and I cried. So many laughs and tears are expressed in those pages. I have loved my mission. I am grateful for the hand of the Lord that has been in my life everyday.
One more cool thought: think about all the blessings that you have received. They are always perfectly timed. They come at exactly the right moment--not sooner, not later. I have pondered the time frame of my blessings and it was powerful. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself.
Love you!
Sister Sadie Eliese Bledsoe ;)

dead coyote! Audra's dad killed it 'cause he caught him in a trap and they get money for coyotes out here and a coyote ate their two kittens :(

the Caldwell family (a little off centered...)

the Knight family!

the Duce's, one of my favorite member families and their new puppy nala :D

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