Monday, October 27, 2014

aula de inglês

Another awesome week!!! Itapecerica is cool--very in the middle of all the business! We live in the same house as members so that´s really sweet--they give us food at night! YES! One thing that is really common in Brazil is JELLO! Today for lunch Irmã(Sister) Vanuza made us lunch(a blessing on p-day) and jello. Expect there's a twist, we put powered milk in jello here after it sets... you should try it! experiment that Brazilian life--it´s really quite good. You can also try making jello then when it´s done you mix it with condensed milk--another favorite of the brazilians here. 

Wellington (19) is continuing to progress! He says he agrees with everything. He works and studies right now so monday-friday he gets up early and comes home at 11. He is doing his homework for us--aka reading the pamphlets and the Restoration film we left with him--but he still hasn´t read the Book of Mormon. He told us that he doesn´t want to read it on the bus--which is his only option-- because people would mock him and make a scene. I told him about the Book of Mormon app and he downloaded that, so I have high hopes that this week he will read and get a more solid answer. He really does love the church though! He told us that he didn´t need us to walk with him to church--and when we got there he was already sitting in Elder´s Quorum in a white shirt, a tie, slacks, and dress shoes--OPA! We have been talking about baptism a lot with him and he didn´t commit to a date because he said he wants to learn a bit more about the commandments; we explained a few things to him and then he asked, ``If i showed up on Sunday and asked to get baptized, could I?`` We were like YES. 

Also we are seeing some fruits from our English class. 1st, I taught the English class last week and Jefferson (22?) showed up. Apparently, he once went to a baptism at the church and then heard about the english class, so he´s been coming. We invite him every week and he was pretty mole...until we walk into church on sunday and guess who is sitting on the back pew in the chapel...JEFFERSON! It was a miracle! He came by himself and stayed for the whole thing. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity on him being their for the spiritual side, so we asked if we could talk with him quickly after church. We invited a young married couple, our Ward mission leader and his wife, to join us(because we needed a woman with us and our Ward Mission Leader has been integrating Wellington) for the lesson. It was SUPER spiritual. We taught the Restoration and it was an incredible spirit. I want to take advantage of the chapel more often--I know that teaching in the chapel makes all the difference and even better that we taught after sacrament meeting, where the spirit was so strong. I have high hopes for Jefferson, even though he is in the same situation as Wellington--he only can meet on the weekends because he studies and works until late at night. 
Also our ward mission leader was at my last english class and asked if I had experience with teaching. Not really,,, just on the mission. He told me that I should really think about teaching english to brazilians when i get home...perhaps teaching via internet. I´m not sure, but I think I´d like that. I have a lot of fun with the class. 

Thanks for the emails and cards! Your support is INCREDIBLE! Thanks!
Love you guys so much! 
Sister Sadie Bledsoe

So Jefferson gave me this paper of english he wrote... I´m thinking he put something into google translate and this is what it gave him... I thought it was funny. my district leader read it as a rap song and it worked pretty well ....hahaha... (in brazil they write fact)

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