Monday, October 6, 2014

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sorry this email is so late! today has been wierd...well this whole week has been wierd to be honest. Last Sunday, Sister Mota woke up with a few red bumps and we thought it was an allergic reaction to something so we went to the hospital because she was itching really bad. They gave her an IV but that didn´t help so they sent us home late sunday night telling us to go to the dermatologist. She woke up Monday morning itching even worse, so we went back to the hospital and the first doctor we saw said, ``I have no doubt. You have the chicken pox.`` noooooooo. That morning she probably spread it to half the missionaries in the mission at the mission office...Sister Dalton is trying to warn everyone now but I think there might be an outbreak in the mission....Good thing I had the vaccine; apparently Sister Mota never had that--I think a lot of the Brazilian missionaries never had the vaccine so a lot of them are worried. Sister Mota caught the chicken pox like 3 saturdays ago at a member´s house whose kids had it, and it took 2 weeks until she showed symptoms....
Anyway, this week we were homebound. The elders brought us lunch to-go everyday, and some of the sisters in the ward brought us dinnner/snack a few times.President Dalton has some sisters bring us a book to read, and I really suggest it--it´s called Envoking the Powers of Heaven by Grant Harrison. It talks about using faith to achieve our dreams, and it applies a lot to the work. We also watched a lot of church videos, but weren´t able to go to general conference. President Dalton said that someone will bring us a laptop tomorrow with all the sessions of conference downloaded, so we can watch it tomorrow and wednesday while Sister Mota finishes her 10 days of being contagious.
I really have like nothing exiting to say about my week--just lots of cleaning , updating our area book, and rubbing alcohol(i don´t think calamine lotion exists here) on my comps back...
hope you all loved general conference! I´ve heard lots of good things. 
Love you all!
Sister Sadie Bledsoe

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