Monday, September 29, 2014

Fè é um verbo!

Hey! Congrats to Elissa for serving a faithful full-time mission! So proud of you and grateful for the best siblings in the world! 

This week was awesome! We had a great training/Multizone Conference--we talked about goals (basically SMART goals) and President Dalton talked a lot about faith. He says that if he could write a book it would be titled `Faith is a verb`--he is really pushing us to do things we never ever imagined/thought of doing. We have to follow the Spirit-- he said ``a positive thought to act is inspiration from God until it is proven on the contrary.`` (that´s a translation so it´s a bit awkward but you get the idea)

Sister Mota, Bledsoe, A. Souza, and Salles (my comp and our roommates)
**welcome to the closet of Sister Salles--we are all wearing her clothes ;)**

 The work is going well here- we are working with the bishop´s family to fellowship Aiton/Claudineia because they live on the same street--we will possibly have an FHE this week, and we hope that we can get them to the broadcast of General Conference. Aiton really has a ton of potential and Claudineia too. 

Then we have Silvana--she is the wife of the family with José who had questions about the Plan of Salvation. José is hard to find at home, but we have taught Silvana a couple times and she is really solid. She didn´t go to church last week because her daughter is special and had to go to the hospital that morning and yesterday she was out of town for family reasons. She is really solid though--we watched the Restoration film with them and she loved it. She also asked about coffee--we taught the word of wisdom and committed her to live it. She drinks 2-3 garrafas(like the coffee makers--those containers-- 2-3 of those) of coffee everyday, but she said, ``yeah, I´ll stop`` with no excuses or problems so far. She still has to get married so that is our goal with her this week. 

We had a cool experience on Saturday--this story starts at the Multizona when I was talking to Sister Thornhill; she mentioned that she ran into a former contact of hers that lives in our area, Helen. She told me to visit her this week. On Saturday, I remembered Helen and we tried her house. She wasn´t home, but we decided to contact her neighbors. One of them was washing dishes but Sister Mota invited her to church through the window. Turns out, Norma had been going to our church when it was a branch in Parelheiros and people were baptized in a swimming pool. She said she really liked it, but she moved and then moved back and in the mix of things, she lost contact with the church. She was really inviting and we ended up teaching her the Restoration that very visit. She is looking for a church--she never felt like she identified with any and she has read a ton of religious books. She want to be baptized, so we committed her and she said yes! Then we talked about the word of wisdom because she brought up coffee. She then confessed that she smokes and has been trying to quit. Her husband quit like a year ago, so she wants to quit too. Before we left, she told us that we must have been sent from God because she has been praying for help to help her quit smoking. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers--often times in ways we wouldn´t have imagined. I doubt she was expecting the Mormon missionaries that day, but I´m glad it all worked out the way it did. 

I´m super excited for General Conference--we will invite everyone and really do our part to prepare the way for them to get there! BTW this is my 1st conference in Portuguese--wish me luck ;)

Sister Sadie Bledsoe

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