Monday, December 8, 2014

mundo feliz, nasceu Jesus

It has been a real blessing to be here in Aracati with Sister Angulo. It´s incredible how well we work together and even better that we are able to see so many miracles together. I feel like when I am working with her we are really in tune with each other and the spirit. This week we were led to many places at exactly the right time. We have been able to get referrals from members(2 of them came to church on sunday), we found Luciana in the street after not being able to find her at home for over a week, we started teaching a new family that has a lot of potential, and it has just been really busy here. We are really trying to work on retaining our converts and teaching their families. We have also been teaching former investigators here and that has been working a ton. For example, Luciana was baptized yesterday--she was an investigator of some sisters awhile back, and finally we were able to find her and help her to get baptized. 

The program `he is the gift´is helping us with finding(referrals from members and contacts) and teaching(committing our investigators to baptism--that their baptism will be the greatest present that they can give to the Savior).

Hope you all have seen that video and are sharing it!
Thanks for the emails and everything! You guys are the best!
Sister Bledsoe

left to right: Elder Oliveira& Elder Lund(zone leaders), Luciana, her daughter Daniella, an investigator of the elders Natalia, Sister angulo, me (in front) Francilton(investigator of the elders), Bruno(recent convert that baptized Francilton), Elder Fuentealba(our district leader whol baptized Luciana)

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