Monday, December 29, 2014

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Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a merry christmas!
This week was really good. Eva was baptized finally! We had done a practice last week in district meeting about her because we have been trying to figure out her difficulty for a long time. She has been to church consecutively for the past 3 weeks and went a lot a few months ago when her 2 boys were baptized. On Tuesday, we had a zone meeting where we decided that we would fast as a zone for the people that are preparing to be baptized this week because it is a holiday week and its easy to loose focus. We decided to fast and immediately we thought of visiting Eva that day. We went to her house and immediately we got talking about her baptism. We asked her what would stop her from getting baptized, and she said, ``I like pants.`` She said she wanted to wear pants to church and if that was a problem after she got baptized. After quickly resolving that doubt, she was super excited for her baptism that Friday night. She is super sweet and it was just really fun seeing her so happy at her baptism and her family all at church this sunday. It was a happy Christmas miracle. 

Also Daniella and Douglas got baptized on Saturday! They are the kids of a recent convert, Luciana, who was baptized at the beginning of the month. At first, Daniella(9) liked coming to church with her mom but it was hard to find her home to teach her. The past week or two we have been able to teach her daily and she was excited to get baptized with her brother Douglas(10). Douglas is really smart and has been reading the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon but at first he didn´t come to church because he had trouble waking up on sunday mornings. They are really good kids and the two bore very sweet testimonies at their baptisms. 

Luciana is still helping us teach her friends, and we are also working on contacting other referrals we have received from members. The work is going well here and we have a lot to do this week to help our investigators with their commitments to read, pray, and come to church. This week we didn´t have any investigators at church though--most of our teaching pool left for the weekend and the rest we weren´t able to get in contact with so we aren´t sure why they didn´t come. This week we will try to integrate them better with the members and have the members pick them up for church. 

Thanks for the emails and cards! Christmas was fun here--we had a fun Christmas eve with some members and then christmas day we spent with another family who let us use their skype to talk to our families which was awesome--love you guys! Also that morning we went had a missionary choir at the huge bus station that is more or less near our area. Some members came and we sang a bunch of songs. It was cool because we got to had out a bunch of the ´He is the Gift´ pass-along cards. 
Hope you all had a great week and have a safe & happy new years!
Love ya, 
Sister Bledsoe 
singing christmas carols at the bus station

Eva´s baptism

baptism of Daniella and Douglas

merry christmas 
the sao paulo interlagos mission

I'm sitting next to President Costa

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